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CUJO ( We have created a cloud-powered smart firewall to guard home networks against hackers and cyber criminals. While it's plug-n-play and super simple for anybody to use, it's also packed with business-level security features. CUJO retails for $99 with a $8.99/month subscription.

Why CUJO? Your home is your sanctuary. That's where we experience our most private moments, safeguard our most precious files, and experience peace of mind. Until now. With our homes full of connected devices we've become easy targets for criminal hackers. You read it in the news every day: baby monitors, smart TVs, tablets - all hacked. Even the FBI director now tapes his webcam so as not to be hacked at home. So ask yourself, with your home fully connected, what is the most precious experience or data that is now open to hackers? And what keeps it safe?

Why We're Different. Your Antivirus protects you against malware that was documented 60+ days ago. If a criminal is standing in front of your house and hacking your smart door, malware detection won't keep you safe. Traditional security solutions are outdated with cybercriminals creating new ways to reach into our homes every day. CUJO uses threat intelligence, machine learning, and cloud-computing to analyze your device behavior. When we see a threat - we block it. You will get a friendly notification on your CUJO app that your home is safe.



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Business model

We sell CUJO device for $99 MSRP and charge a $8.99/month subscription fee. We have 80%+ margin on the service.

Competitive advantage
  • Pioneering the market.
  • Four important patents filed.
  • A team with over 10 collective exits, including a $40M and a $275M exit in executive capacity.