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The right CRM platform for small, medium & large business need.

From CRM for Small Business and Marketing Automation providers with very innovative Customer Service Support product and On Demand CRM services,
Cuesent™ offers six products, specific to your business, which you can customize according to your needs and requirements. Our revolutionary CRM tool provides the most granular approach to customer management solution.


Cuesent E-business has evolved with information technology and so have the management solutions like Custom CRM software Solution( Customer Relationship Management). A Custom CRM software Solution can help you manage your customer relationships in a more effective manner. In the thriving online space, it has become difficult to maintain long term customer relationship by assisting the sales team to meet difficult targets.

Easily deploy CRM. Manage with customized CRM solutions. Generate reports for better productivity.

High performance CRM tools from Cuesent™ ensures effective contact management, enables marketing team to work pro actively and close sales cost-effectively. Our expertise in CRM solutions maximize the value of leads and solve critical customer challenges.

CRM Sales Force Automation is designed for developing relationships with customers and networking with sales executives to reach sales targets. This automates from initial contact, sales lead to negotiation and deal transaction.

Marketing CRM/Marketing Automation is a web-based system primarily responsible for prospecting and managing leads and helps to perform better in pipeline management. With marketing automation a distinct advantage is provided in segmenting and integrating customer data.

Customer Service & Support CRM allows you to identify customer needs and provide insights into the customer satisfaction specifically to prioritize customer value proposition. This answers not only inquries but also resolves complaints to maintain good customer base.

Choosing the right CRM tool for Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the act of creation of prospective customer interest or inquiry. It is an important activity of gaining new business. So each and every business should use/have highly effective and quality tools to automate lead generation & lead nurturing process. 

Lead generation CRM tool should help you to:

Capture Leads 

Your lead management CRM should help you out to capture all the leads from different sources like website form pages, emails, voice mails etc. to your CRM platform.


Prior Call Campaign 

By sending some information about your products/services prior to your telemarketer’s call to sell a product, your lead generation CRM tool should make your prospective clients more receptive.


Customer Service and Support CRM

Adding value to customer service is one of our prime motto when prioritizing any function of customer relationship management . The primary benefit of the new CRM is that it provides metrics on responsiveness of customer support.

Customer service and support CRM is designed to make the greatest use of resolving customer issues. We provide a way for support team to examine, discover and fix the errors of customer support process. Our unique solution offers an open-minded approach for sending and receiving support requests.


We value your business, therefore our CRM provide tangible technical support in assigning requests,sharing information across organization,establishing a work queue and for prioritizing support incidents. Modules of Cuesent™ often work close to understand customer issues and relationships between employees of organization and customers to cut down 'time consuming tasks'.

With Cuesent™, our aim is to run task fast and efficiently,increase customer loyalty,improve sales efforts and streamline customer services cost effectively. A real alternative to gain useful information on customer interactions
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