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Crusher Inc. is an ultra-small independent group of designer/developers in the Bay area who decided to work on their own invitation service out of frustrations with Evite and the unbelievable lack of better options. Crusher's process is based on agile development principles, good user experience, and personal customer relationships.

Crusher is for sending invites to your personal events and events you go to. Crusher targets publisher types who want to create engaging event pages using rich media such as graphics, photos, videos, widgets, and music. For organizations, Crusher can extend your current site with an invitation service that carries over your brand and look/feel. Crusher is a great utility with its rsvp, maps, best date, paypal, bring list, and add to calendar features. Crusher emphasizes a low barrier to adoption by being completely free and not requiring sign-up.

Crusher is written in Ruby on Rails on a MySql back-end in an iterative, test-driven development process. This allowed our small team to launch a fully featured beta app quickly with minimal QA support and phase in optimization as user adoption increased. Crusher Beta launched in May 2007 and full-on Crusher, a general audience offering, launched December 2007.

Crusher prides itself with not having annoying ad-banners, not spamming, not being a social network, not requiring sign-up, and not being dependent on funding. Crusher is not for kids.