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Crown TV

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Crown TV
The better way to manage your digital signage.
Brooklyn, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Digital signage is one of the most exciting new frontiers in advertising technology. It has incredible potential, allowing you to keep your screens alive and your customers engaged with interactive content and constantly updating information. It can give you the ability to influence your customer’s behavior, enhance your brand and increase your sales. Digital signage is cheaper and easier than creating, printing and installing paper signage.

CROWN TV’s three inch box is loaded with functions that makes managing digital signage a breeze, and compatible with every TV screen. Remotely, from an easy to use interface you could: Schedule daily promotions, Photos, Videos, Slideshows, Announcements, Twitter feed, Weather and more… 

 TV Screens may be a little big sometime for checkout, shelves and reception areas, that's why we have created The CROWN TV TABLET "The built in digital signage". It allows to display any media content in real time and give additional information about special products on a small display.

Our players are managed through an easy to use web-based signage management platform that makes it easier than ever to create and manage your digital content.

We are currently working on including a special feature for store using our digital signage software, to manage their in-store music/message from the same interface with The Crown TV Box.