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CrowdStudio ( is a curated crowdsourcing platform for startups. It acts as a bridge connecting skilled freelance designers with startups in need of quality designs at affordable prices. It is built and managed by a team of professional designers/developers with over 8 years of experience. 


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Business model

The founders of CrowdStudio entered the world of design by participating in crowdsourcing platforms like 99designs when they were in their early stages. They have gone on to successful careers as freelancers, in-house designers and finally the cofounders of a creative studio before launching CrowdStudio.

In our experience, most startup founders know the importance of good design, but don't have the budget to afford a design company. The remaining options are to work with a freelancer or one of the smaller design studios, but they end up with an unorganized workflow and too many average design options. 

Our vision is to connect these startups with the best design talent in the country via curated crowdsourcing. This is not a miracle substitute for a team of flesh-and-blood designers. We have no intention of replacing them. What we do is put quality design within the reach of startups and bring them a step closer to achieving their goal.

Competitive advantage

CrowdStudio has all the things you'd expect of a crowdsourcing site, like budget-friendly pricing and quick turnaround time. But the following combination of features makes it a good alternative to sites like 99designs and DesignCrowd.  

A. It's curated crowdsourcing - every designer in the CrowdStudio community is handpicked by our team. Our screening filters out the unskilled, so design quality is ensured.

B. It has the full range of design categories offered by traditional design companies, from brochures to complete branding.

C. Unlimited revisions and private one-on-one chats with the designers, in case you aren't yet sure what you're looking for. There is no obligation to accept a design, even the winning design, until you're satisfied with it.

D. A 100% money back guarantee. We usually try to avoid this because, obviously, it means that the client didn't get what they were looking for. We do everything we can to fix it, but if you're still not satisfied, we give 100% money back.