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Crowdshout, Inc.

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Crowdshout, Inc.
Long Valley, New Jersey, United States United States
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Company description

Crowdshout is a mobile platform that harnesses the collective power of individuals to promote brand advocacy leveraging smartphone-enabled tools. It is a dramatically different approach than current Social Media Marketing outlets since it is centered on the individual leveraging the power of the mobile platform to take specific actions. We allow "Brand Creators" to build very specific campaign based action plans which are push out to "Brand Followers" Smartphones.  The Brand sends out information via the app to the Brand Followers and the app makes it easy for the employee / consumer to share that content with their social networks like Twitter, FaceBook etc. with a single click. With a simple tap you can participate with the crowd promoting the brand through social media.  

We believe social sharing today is more of a "passive" activity and we believe our approach could really help change the dynamic for brands and consumers around social media and mobile.

We are looking to build specific Branded applications on top of our platform which would more proactively drive "Social Sharing" of brand content in exchange for  loyalty rewards (i.e coupons, sweepstakes).