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Translate Team Intelligence into Business Intelligence
Redwood City, California, United States United States
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The Crowdcast Team Intelligence Platform:

  • Reveals information and insight that otherwise may remain hidden

  • Is up to 60% more accurate than traditional forecasting methods

  • Delivers qualitative and quantitative analysis of the forecasted metric

  • Delivers fast time to value using Software as a Service (SaaS)


How Crowdcast works:

Unlike traditional forecasting systems that rely solely on inputs from the owner of the business metric, the patented Team Intelligence Platform™ taps insight anonymously from a diversified team who may have insight into the metric. The system aggregates and balances this intelligence using a prediction market, which rewards and empowers those contributing accurate forecasts.

  • The number of participants can range from 10 to many thousands, depending on the metric

  • For management, the system generates exceedingly accurate and insightful forecasts and communicates these forecasts using a powerful reporting interface

  • For the participants, it is presented as a game, using a familiar betting analogy

  • The system is supported by our highly trained application consultants and prediction market experts to guarantee success

Competitive advantage

Prediction Markets Work

Market-based solutions like Crowdcast let people bet on the outcomes of future events.  Here are some examples.  It turns out that when carefully-orchestrated, such solutions can lead to very accurate predictions.  Perhaps more accurate than any other method.


In the Iowa Electronic Market (IEM) people bet on the outcomes of political races.  On average, IEM has 23% less error than traditional polling methods.


The Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) public market lets people forecast Oscar winners and opening box office receipts.  Its 700,000 active traders have predicted 92% of the Oscar winners in the last 3 years.