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It's more than just a business that we are creating, it's an idea. By eliminating the most fundamental barriers to ride sharing in daily rides, we will help modernize an age old tradition and change the way we see urban transportation. What if after work you didn't have to put in your earbuds and sit on a bus, or drive pass the person walking home in the rain? Daily transport can be as social, green, and enjoyable as other things we normally do like going to a football game, to the beach, to eat to a restaurant, etc.

By alleviating the obstacles of ride sharing we plan on building a network within urban centers that make route sharing more practical and economical than drive alone or take a cab or a bus. It will be focused on bring out the social, environmental, and economic qualities of ride sharing to disrupt modern transport. For example the 80% of driving that we do is in urban centers, so while the long distance treks may seem more attractive for finding companion, that only accounts for 20% of travel time. This means we are more alone and spending more money on gas during our weeks than we are on longer trips. 

The application also has a function where bicyclist can publish their routes and be connected with others whose routes cross over thiers. This makes biking more social and safer.


As to date we are offering a B2B service that is profitable and being well received.