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Company description

CritWalls is a visual, collaborative platform inspired by real critique walls, designed to easily adapt to any workflow. The core features of the software allow users to create virtual walls for projects, invite collaborators to lay out visual presentations in any arrangement, share files, and post comments is currently live in beta, accessible via any web browser, and scheduled for public release in September 2011. Our simplified UI and intuitive tools will make switching to CritWalls seamless, allowing our users, or Critters, to focus on their work and not on their software. Our robust social-networking features will allow collaborative work that our competitors lack. These features will include open collaboration, followers, social media integration, and web browser plug-ins.


CritWalls platform will also allow Critters to publically display their projects for sharing and collaboration. The publicized walls will be posted on the CritWalls homepage, along with the crowdsourcing projects that we will host with partner companies. Visitors can browse these projects and choose the ones they are interested in collaborating on.