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Credon Inc.
Enabling All Forms of Commerce Using The Global Credon Currency
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Warning: If you are going to steal our ideas do not read any further. This Idea Is Theft Proof Anyway Because It Will Not Work for Dishonest People.

The desire to give and receive has been causing unbelievable pain and suffering in the old and modern societies alike. Many intellectual minds have come up with incomplete solutions that treat only part of the pain and do not go to the root and take care of the whole issue once and for all. Examples of these giving/receiving methods are religious tithing, taxation and socialism/communism. These incomplete methods have provided hope for fairness, being given a chance and carrying on with our lives but have been unsuccessful in truly treating the issue in a deep and nondestructive fashion.

In our current capitalist society character illness is spreading fast as we become more and more aware of the hidden laziness/dishonesty in our minds. Elitism and easy methods of existing is what everyone wants. Nobody wants to exert any honest and complete effort to be a true SUPER VALUE PRODUCER. We are becoming more and more dependent/reliant on others to continue surviving. All of this is because the social engineers have not paid enough attention to creating an automatic fully integrated reward/punishment system that is designed from the ground up with its foundation being money. If this doesn't change by allowing producers to keep maximum of their earnings (by abolishing income tax, which is fueling laziness and cheating in business realm and thus is totally destructive), disaster will be unavoidable. There is lack of security in the ability to sustain one's life through rational means. So there is no desire to work as hard as we can. Everyone is just doing enough not to get fired or killed (lol). Nobody is working at maximum capacity/ability. (Credon Inc.) will solve all these issues through the services it provides directly or indirectly (through third party providers of goods/services cooperating with it).

Here is my solution for replacing destructive methods of collecting funds to pay for unavoidable needs like health issues, disabilities, natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, shelter needs, food and nutritional needs, educational needs, transportation needs, etc. judged for validity on an individual case by case basis:

INTEREST FREE CREDIT augmented by truth verification methods/technologies, psychological profiling and counseling!!! How it works is we make sure the recipients of free credit promise to pay back under lie detection test and psychological profiling; and guidance/counseling will provide them with information they need to be successful.







1. (New Global Government of Reason Instead of Dogma. In The Current System The Elite (religious, political, business etc.) Work as A Group Together and Usurp Your Power and Abuse You to The Maximum. But If There Was Only One Person in Charge of at Least Most Things He/She Wouldn't Be Able to Abuse His/Her Position. Elitism (Irrationally High Income) and Altruism (Irrationally Low Income) Are Both The Root Cause of All Evil. We will make any kind of taxation illegal. Income tax should be illegal because it punishes productivity and it is irrational because it is not directly pinned to the delivery of any services. Sales/property taxes should be illegal because they are not directly correlated to any service delivery. Government services should only be paid for through precisely measured and competitive service fees. The only form of political party division that should exist is based on the range of services available and the price points for the delivery of these services. Police Forces and Court Staffs Will Be Trained/Instructed Not to Prosecute for Victimless Crimes Like Drug Possession/Trafficking, Or Doing Anything Else That May for Irrational Reasons Be Deemed Illegal But Is Not Actually Harming Anyone, Like Having Alcohol in Your System But Still Being A Very Good Driver. However PUSHING ANYTHING Even Things Commonly Considered Harmless Onto The Unsuspecting Consumer Should Be Illegal. We Will Have An On Demand Army of Sharp Commandos to Overthrow Rogue Illegal Governments.)
2. (Urge to Search Revolutionary "Pure Pay Per Position" Internet Search Engine)
3. (Winner OS Ubuntu Linux Based Operating System)
4. (Micro, Nano, Macro and Mega Robotics for Construction, Maintenance and Improvement of Bio and Non-Bio Structures)
5. (GTA InfoTech; Web Design/Development/Application Programming/Technology Education ...)
6. (Chat Rooms for Talking about The Truth; For Now Visit The Room "Truth" on PalTalk.)
7. (A Non-Profit Educational/Standardization Organization Dedicated to Dissemination of Information about Normal State of Affairs in Any Area of Our Lives or Those Elsewhere in The Universe and Best Practices in Various Areas of Our Lives)
8. (Global Stock eXchange for Trading Shares of Reason-Based Companies)