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Credit Coach
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Kaukauna, Wisconsin, United States United States
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Company description

Credit Coach is a credit management software that find and correct errors automatically on your credit report for FREE! With 79% of consumer credit reports containing errors, and more than 43.5 million Americans below a 600 credit score, we believe we can make a difference.


Business model

The Credit Coach solution is a web based application that uses a SaaS model. We reach our market of more than 100 million online banking customers through our Financial Institution partners.  Our product is private labeled for each industry partner for a customized solution to bring customers a benefitial way to work together.


Competitive advantage

We are first product that automatically finds and correct errors on a consumer credit report, and by utilizing Banks, Credit Unions and other financial service companies as our to market providers, we create a unique online evironment for consumers to benefitially interact with them.