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Company description

CredentialedCARE Corp (CCC) has created an innovative web portal for Long-Term Care (LTC) providers that lowers the cost of recruitment and management of workers and offers strategies to market their staff. Think of Healthgrades with Elance marketplace functionality. We are currently building the framework for which will be an innovative forum that will connect providers with care seekers in an environment of trust and transparency. We recently completed the incubator program at CONNECT’s Springboard in La Jolla, California and our strategic partner, Verisys Corporation, has committed to a $100,000 investment in our $200,000 seed round.

Business model

CredentialedCARE will generate revenues in three ways:

1. Verification fees charged to provider and organization applicants

2. Member subscription fees charged monthly. A Freemium revenue model is planned that will widen the sales funnel and offer premium subscription services at a higher cost.

3. Online health care payments engine

3. Revenue sharing partnerships

Competitive advantage


1. Online verification and credentialing: and
2. Online B2B Eldercare referral: and
3. Both:

Competitive Advantages:

1. Online verification: No other company offers state-specific screening of workers.
2. Eldercare Referral: No other company offers detailed employer AND worker profiles with social media tools.
3. LTC is one of many markets that serves.