Credential Protection®

Credential Protection®
Protecting the public with Verified Reviews®, the gold standard for reviews for healthcare professionals, products and services.
Temecula, California, United States United States
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Company description

Credential Protection®, a California LLC, protects the public with Verified Reviews®, the gold standard for reviews™,   for healthcare professionals, products and services. Credential Protection®provides unbiased and ethical third party oversight of reviews posted through our proprietary system of patient satisfaction surveys.  Healthcare providers subscribing to our service have their Verified Reviews® listing appear on the first page of Google with star ratings based upon the composite score of their patients’ reviews. The public is protected from false, misleading and spam reviews.

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Business model

Note:  The above video is used for educational purposes and does not imply celebrity endorsement.

The current online review system is biased for negative reviews and online social networking sites are predisposed to purely positive endorsements. Patient confidence in healthcare online reviews is diminishing.  We have a long-term, sustainable strategy to become the trusted third party source for honest and real reviews, Verified Reviews® - The Gold Standard for Reviews(TM).  We drive bottom up patient demand for our Verified Reviews® by publishing free online and print local healthcare directories of our doctors distributed in local businesses, medical plazas and hospitals. Our doctors pay $195/month to $1495/month for collection and publishing of Verified Reviews® on and for medically-targeted SEO/SEM and online reputation management services. Verified Reviews® are the basic foundation of all our service offerings and start at $195/month.

There are nearly 1.6 million physicians, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and healthcare providers in the U.S. not including surgical centers, clinics and hospitals. A 10% market penetration for our current service would translate into an approximately $374 million market opportunity annually based on our basic Verified Reviews® services at $195/month.  One thousand doctors using our service are equivalent to $1 million in pretax profit.  We plan to recruit 40,000 clients in 5 years to achieve $100 million in projected sales and $30 million in EBITDA.

We are raising capital to expand our proven sales model, team, and acquire doctors to participate in our Verified Reviews® ecosystem.

Example of Verified Reviews® where we published patient reviews collected on paper forms online:

Competitive advantage

The current online review system is failing the healthcare industry and patients. Patients desire Verified Reviews® to help them select their surgeons and healthcare providers. Participating healthcare providers and vendors in our Verified Reviews®  system are at least ten times more likely to generate reviews compared to existing online and mobile technologies.

Reviews are posted online at and appear on Google searches as star ratings associated with the name of the doctor, health provider, clinic, or hospital.  Reviews are unbiased and are not pre-screened by providers before publishing. Positive and negative reviews are published for full honesty and transparency and asssist our healthcare providers to address deficiencies in their healthcare delivery, improving patient care.

Doctors working with us have increased their Internet referrals by as much as 250%. One new patient a month more than pays for our basic Verified Reviews® service for non-surgeons, and one new surgical patient pays for an entire year of our basic Verified Reviews® service.

Our services were created by physicians who are thought leaders in their fields. Services created by doctors are easier to sell to other doctors.

We have access to over a dozen physician experts who help us refine our customer service, sales processes, and lower the barrier of entry and access to doctors. Our motivated and energetic team has extensive expertise in selling and working with doctors.

We have collected data showing that individual doctors are being searched 25 to over 100 times daily. Patients are researching doctors online and when they do, they find the doctors' profiles on Google searches. Patients are drawn to the profiles with star ratings and the most number of reviews.

Example of a Google search result for "Brian Nguyen MD" when patients research Dr. Nguyen.