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Company description

There are various reasons people decide to take the path of being an entrepreneur - to make money, become powerful, creative expression, passion or just because:)

 Mine is a little different:) For me it is emotional, my passion, my dream and yes my calling:) Melodramatic? What would you expect from someone who has doing stage since I was 12 yrs.

In 2004 at the age of 36 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Life derailing, heck yes.  The urgency and the need to do something built up and Creatvproductions was born.

 My actual premise is very simple - make meaningful content that spreads smiles hope n positive vibes.  There is so much angst, bitterness, rivalry, hate - and me being the proverbial positive person want to make this a better place:)

 I know you are nodding ur head and saying - show me the money-  well that is why it has morphed into a web portal.

My journey in this has been alone as this project has been deemed trivial and just a bunch of vids:) But I am obstinate and have this very strong conviction that there is someone out there who will see the value and help me get to the next step. Naive and foolish?, maybe but we all live on hope don't we?  Parkinson's and time is not waiting but this is my  promise - will try and try and try till I can try no more.




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Business model

Creatvproductions is gearing up to become a company focusing on content development for the new media.Content will be multi-platform including blogging, video blogging, audio podcasts, VOD, as well as content geared for the mobile market. While the focus is going to be more South Asian, the applications are universal.

Content can be as long as 5 to 10 minutes or as short as 30 secs.
Various topics and uses that can include but not limited to - web videos, motivational, inspirational, corporate, entertainment etc. They can also be used as fillers.

Writing, voiceovers, concept for tv shows, vlogs etc.

CreaTVproductions can help you with voiceovers, writing blogs, creating short and basic promos, web videos, corporate videos etc. We can also help you in presenting your ideas/products/services to the Indian audience.  Please feel free to approach us and we can discuss different possibilities. A challenge is always welcome and appreciated:)




703 582 0775
Competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

While there are several sites out there that have content targeted towards the Indian demographic this portal has a very specific niche and that is South Asian women living away from their homeland.  The site will have content that is relevant, informative and audience centric.  It will be interactive where the audience can interact via blogs, podcasts etc.


There will be different verticals, looks will be fresh and bright, message delivered in the right way, no sugarcoating but also in an upbeat manner. The idea is to keep them longer  and go deeper into the site.  The idea is also to tie up with a major broadcast house too.


There are infinite possibilities and for more information on the affluent community please do look at the video posted that talks of some stats