Location: Houghton, Michigan, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Quality CPR Faster!
Houghton, Michigan, United States United States
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Company description

The CPRMattress offers quality CPR faster in hospitals. Current hospital mattresses offer only 41% effective chest compressions during CPR. Current hospital procedures increase that to only 53% effective chest compressions and also require CPR to be stopped to place a backboard under the patient, decreasing the chance of survival. The CPRMattress offers a surface that provides an outstanding 81% efficiency for chest compressions. 


The CPRMattress offers the same qualities of an everyday hospital mattress. However when the patient is found in Cardiac Arrest the nurse pushes a button and the mattress transforms into a rigid surface.  In as little as 10 seconds the CPRMattress offers a surface for superior CPR without the need to stop CPR and place a backboard under the patient and also offers quality chest compressions sooner than current practices.

  • Lawrence Mark
    Lawrence Mark | Team member
    Well were to begin? I have been around the block and I am still pretty young with a long road ahead of me. You can probably call me serial entrepreneur. I started back at 9 yrs when my father and I started doing magic shows. I continued to perform...
Business model

We will be looking to use outside sources for manufacturing the electrical components, as well as the actual mattress. We will also look at using a medical device supply company to handle our sales to the hospitals and purchasing organizations. Tech Initiatives, CPRMattress, will work along side that supply compnay in marketing the product and making sure it meets the customers needs. 


Competitive advantage
The competitive advantage of the CPRMattress is that it offers a simple to use solution to inadequate CPR being performed in hospitals. The CPRMattress offers a surface that is unmatched by any method currently in ise today.