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Company description

Countable is an iPhone app, Android app and website where users can learn about issues, influence their representatives in government, and rally their community and friends around those issues. I can use Countable to tell my Senators how to vote on Keystone, encourage my friends to do the same, get credit for their activism, and get updates on how my reps actually vote - all in moments, on my way to work in the morning.

Organizations and politicians can use Countable to build support for their positions, expand their membership and drive donations. Revenue will come from giving organizations and companies a new way to reach and influence Countable’s coveted rich demographic of influencers.

We’ve had outstanding early adoption, are growing rapidly and are the first to crack the code on the civic social graph - a massive market exceeding $80bn.





Awards and Mentions
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    Apple featured "Countable" as a best new app overall and a featured app in the News section of the app store.
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    Paste Magazine described Countable as the #1 Best App in 2015 - "No other app this year has kept me more connected to the real events, bills, and votes that shape the political landscape of our country."
  • Business model

    Countable is a platform connecting users, organizations and political candidates around civic issues. Our core customers are non-profit organizations, politicians, media and data providers.


    Non-Profits: There are over 2m non profits in the US with ~$1.5tn in revenues in 2014. A majority of their budgets are spent recruiting new members, driving their core missions (advocacy) and raising donations. Non-profits rely primarily on email for these campaigns, with only the largest non-profits able to afford specialized CRM tools. Virtually none of them have access to a mobile platform to drive their core mission, recruitment and donations.


    Political Industry (incumbents, candidates, parties, pollsters and PAC’s): The 2016 Presidential election will be the most expensive in history and will leverage online networks more than ever before to reach likely, targeted voters. Much like non-profits, online campaigns rely heavily on email and expensive, specialized web based tools. Access to a mobile platform that connects the political industry to potential voters and donors is a game changer.


    We will enable our core customers to connect with and influence users via the web and mobile by carefully leveraging the demographic, political, and causal data that they provide through:

    - Native Ads Platform - enabling customers to target sought after, viewpoint compatible audiences with targeted messages (e.g. vote on this bill, join this cause, vote for this candidate). I bring 8 years of experience from the ad industry.

    - Lead generation - Countable will facilitate introductions to synergistic organizations and candidates. Vote in favor of a piece of environmental legislation - get introduced to the Sierra Club, and so forth. Candidates and organizations routinely pay $1 - $3 for qualified introductions (see and voter lists.

    - Fundraising - we’re looking at incorporating one click donations to orgs and candidates through the platform. We would likely charge a transaction fee on these donations.

    - Market Data - the data that we’re collecting around voting trends as well as our bill write ups is also a resource that we’re looking at monetizing.

    All together we’re looking at an $80 billion market. I’m happy to provide the model that we’ve put together.



    Competitive advantage

    We have several things going for us:

    We are the team that founded in 2007 and built it to 18m uniques, profitability, and an exit in 2011. 

    We are a capital efficient and agile team with all of the pieces in place today to build a successful product: Product, Engineering, Design, Sales, Marketing and Writing.

    We have multiple paths to success - be it as a consumer brand, as a platform - ecosystem, or as a technology solution that will disrupt existing legacy models.

    We have a unique view of the problem with data validating our hypothesis already.

    The space is largely vacant and ripe for disruption.