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Company description

Corporate Gamers is a digital entertainment venture providing software, support, and services for the growing eSports community.  eSports can most easily be understood as "competitive video gaming," where players, individual or in teams, play against each other in person or online.  The primary product of Corporate Gamers is a software service, LO3, which allows players to quickly find matches and compete in for-cash tournaments.  This product (and others in the future) will be accessed by eSports consumers via our branded site,, and will also be available as a subscription service for game center operators.

Our philosophy is to continue to sign-up new customers through a variety of channels and retain them through effective loyalty schemes. Improve access for customers around the world by making our games available in different languages and currencies, as well as providing localized promotions and customer support. Draw upon our in-house and third-party expertise to add games and features that can then be made available across our integrated platform. Develop our business within the confines of a rigorous code of ethics and responsible business practice.

Our strategically-aligned mix of software, MYeGamer online community, and offline team development efforts will position Corporate Gamers as highly profitable and the leader in the eSports industry.  Over time, we will extend our brand equity to add revenue streams such as apparel and media.

Business model

Our mission is to unite the gaming community in one place, to give them a single site that meets all of their gaming needs. Here they can read about news in the gaming industry from all over the world, where the next tournament will be, as well as the best strategies to beat their next opponent. will give gamers the opportunity to make money in high stake tournaments and get to know other gamers in their city, or on the other side of the globe. Here they can find out about the biggest game that everyone is playing, get feedback and opinions on new games or find other local gamers to compete against. is to become the leader in competitive and casual video gaming