Core Mobile, Inc.

Core Mobile, Inc.
Making Healthcare - Mobile, Efficient & Coordinated
Campbell, California, United States United States

Core Mobile was seed funded by Citrix to make Healthcare - Mobile, Efficient & Coordinated. This improves efficiency and reduces healthcare costs; improves healthcare staff satisfaction; and improves patient outcomes and patient family satisfaction by reducing readmissions leveraging population health concepts.

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Company description

Core Mobile was seed funded by Citrix and incubated in Citrix Startup Accelerator. Core Mobile has received funding from angels investors at, Harvard Business School Angels, Keiretsu Forum, Venture-Med and Lone Star Angels.

Core Mobile makes Healthcare - Mobile, Efficient & Coordinated to achieve 3 objectives, (1) Improve efficiency to reduce healthcare costs (2) Improve healthcare staff satisfaction (3) Improve patient outcomes and patient family satisfaction by reducing readmissions and revists leveraging population health.

Core Mobile achieves the 3 objectives by combining mobile technologies, location based technologies and predictive analytics into ONE software solution called Corey.

Corey provides, (a) care coordination within hospital and post-acute care settings (b) Workflow optimization in perioperative services, ambulatory services, emergency department, primary care, surgical and post acute care services and home care services (c) Medication schedule & discharge instruction compliance for reducing readmissions

Use of Corey results in, (a) Reduction in OR turnover times between 5 and 15 minutes per patient (b) Increase in patient throughput up to 20% (c) Reduction in readmissions between 10% and 30% and reduction in office visits.

Corey is available for free from Apple and Android app store for demo and trials without IT integration. The application is designed for ease of use and ease of adoption including viral growth via referrals from satisfied end-users in healthcare and home care communities.

Core Mobile has completed successful efficiency trials at two very well known hospitals in USA and is targeted for trials at 31 hospitals in USA in 2015. Core Mobile has signed up distribution agreement with Carahsoft for sales into government on GSA schedule in 2H 2015. Core Mobile technologies and solutions are being launched by large corporations like SAP and Dell and is targeted for launch by other major corporations like IBM, Symantec, Citrix and Cisco in 2015.


  • Chandra Tekwani
    Chandra Tekwani | Founder
    Computer Scientist turned entrepreneur and product executive in mobile networking and security technologies focused on making healthcare - Mobile, Efficient & Coordinated.
  • Sandeep Singh
    Sandeep Singh | Team member
    The best thing in me is "I am goal oriented". Strongly Passionate about, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Based Solutions, MAC OS apps & Further More.
  • Pradeep B
    Pradeep B | Team member
  • Julie Perkins
    Julie Perkins | Team member
Awards and Mentions
  • 18279_2811
    Core Mobile Inc. participated in SAP's DEMO and won runner up in the DEMO Enterprise Spotlight on April 3, 2014. Watch below as Founder and CEO, Chandra Tekwani presents the Core Mobile technology on the DEMO stage.
  • Business model

    Core Mobile is priced as software-as-a-service with recurring revenue model per user per month (or per year). The software is for use by healthcare providers for workflow every minute or every few minutes.

    The driver for adoption is the need for efficiency and with measurable results achieved during 30 day trial. The key metrics impacted are: (1) Reduction in OR turnover time between 5 and 15 minutes per patient resulting in operational savings of > $1M per year; (2) Increase in patient throughput up to 20%; (3) Reduction in readmissions up to 30%.

    Comprehensive care coordination across the continium of physician office, the hospital and the home including post acute care is a growing need specially with outcome based payments model being adopted in healthcare industry.

    Competitive advantage

    Core Mobile technology is patented and differentiated against the 3 types of competitors: (1) HIPAA compliant messaging like Cureatr and TigerText; (2) Voice based coordination like Vocera; (3) Large screen displays like LiveData. Core Mobile is clearly differentiated using mobile/location based technologies and predictive analytics with guaranteed performance improvements using LEAN methodologies and case process maps.