Cookstream, Inc.

Cookstream, Inc.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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TalkToChef is a micro education marketplace platform where anyone can instantly consult with a chef via video chat. Think about it as Skype meets Uber for culinary advice. We have over 1800 chefs who are available 24/7 and it takes less than a minute to respond to any help request.

At this point service is available on iOS, website and talktochef widget that lives on 20+ partnering culinary websites and helps their users to get desired support with right from their page browser. 

Company generates revenue by taking 20% cut from every monetary transaction between our users.

TalkToChef (Cookstream, Inc.) is baked by 3 Angel investors: Tim O’Connor, Dmitry Koval, Stephan Roulac.