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✓, is a platform where users can:
- Raise a challenge (a business problem or professional query they have)
- Provide solutions to challenges in order to raise their profile and gain clients
- Be part of a community of consultants that promotes innovation and knowledge sharing
✓ An online community of consultants, meant to help professionals find solutions to their business problems
✓ The largest Q&A website for consultants and businesses, where people can raise a challenge, answer existing questions and vote to make the best responses stand out.

Initially, the beneficiaries of our platform are SME companies that don't have the budget to hire expensive consulting companies and freelancers or small boutique consultancies that can help these SME companies find solutions to their problems. We are the ones that will connect this gap that exists on the market.

In the long run, the beneficiaries will be large companies as well, because they will be able to recruit their consultants not because of the name of their employer, but because they like their approach to the specific problem the business is facing and because of their engagement record compared to other consultants from other companies.

Last but not least, the entire consulting community will benefit from this. Problem-solving between consultants from different companies is almost non-existent nowadays and Consulthon will change that, driving innovation.