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Construct Studio
Tools for Faster Interactive VR Content Creation
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Construct Studio is a team of veteran VR developers, best known for the critically acclaimed VR experiences “The Price of Freedom” and “Imago”. Their vision is to use their expertise and in-house toolkit "Vera" to empower other VR developers with faster and easier content creation.

Awards and Mentions
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    Unity VR/AR Vision Summit 2017
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    Unity VR/AR Vision Summit 2017
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    Brazil Indie Game Festival
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    Featured at Sundance Film Festival
  • Business model

    1. VERA Toolkit: SaaS subscription model

    2. Marketplace: it allows developers to create templates and sell to other artists who don't know how to write code. We'll take a 30% cut from every transaction.

    3. Library

    Competitive advantage

    1. Vive X Accelerator Member

    2. 70% of team is from Carnegie Mellon University 

    3. As a bilingual-team, it allows us to tackle English and Mandarin markets 

    4. We’ve been working on VR/AR together for around 3 years.

    5. VERA does not just work for VR, it can also be used for AR and MR development.

    6. Scalability: VERA will support all the major content dev software including Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, After Effect, Unity, Unreal, Logic, ARkit...etc.