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Concordia Ventures

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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Concordia Venture is a high technology advisory and consulting firm. We provide strategic consulting to help entrepreneurs shape their ideas into profitable companies.  We also work with established companies to help them achieve their business objectives.  We also make seed-level investments in new ventures.

Our mission is to educate the entrepreneurs by providing personal coaching and educational seminars to enter markets and realize their dreams. At Concordia, we achieve this by utilizing our deep industry knowledge, operational, M&A, and investment experience to leverage our venture activity.

Our investment strategy is to utilize our deep industry knowledge with companies and design teams who seek to create new market-leading products. We focus on working closely with entrepreneurs and focus on markets where we have direct experience. These markets include Semiconductor, EDA (electronic design automation), consumer electronics, biometric security, and Internet infrastructure.

We work with the entrepreneurs and offer the following services:

  1. Business plan development
  2. Fund raising
  3. Identifying the right markets and collecting market data
  4. Competitive landscape analysis
  5. Refining the VC presentation
  6. Hiring the right talent

We also work with the executive management of startups and offer the following services:

  1. Business growth strategies
  2. Sales channel development
  3. Mergers and acquisition advice and help with due diligence
  4. Global marketing and branding
  5. Exit strategies
  6. Personal coaching for CEOs