Add human-like judgment and reasoning to devices and software applications! Smarter than the competition.
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Company description

KEEL ("Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic") Technology can be used to model & deploy very complex, non-linear systems (dynamically changing systems) - without using conventional mathematical formulas.   


It can be used to rapidly translate human logic and reasoning to quantified/characterized complex decision making logic for machines or software applications through the use of a graphical toolkit and associated processes.  The technology offers a way to rapidly accelerate the design/development of complex control logic and subsequent software coding as well as the potential for much more overall efficient coding than conventional means and is suitable for use by domain experts without mathematical or software engineering experience.


KEEL is:
  • A new way to process information by accumulating supporting and objecting arguments (driving or blocking signals) in order to make a decision or take an action
  • A development environment including a "dynamic, graphical language" for modeling and testing human-like reasoning
  • A small footprint engine (function or class method) that processes sensors or other inputs according to the design of a system created in the development environment
  • 100% auditable -- decisions and actions can always be explained
  • A method for implementing the reasoning "engine" as an analog circuit (if very high speed operation is required)
  • Platform and Architecture independent
  • An expert, policy-based system - with the added feature that the policies can be defined to change dynamically (adapt) as the environment changes

[Note: There are many papers and demos on our website (   However, we have been told many times that after we have a chance to "show" people KEEL (i.e. a 30 minute phone discussion), they are able to see/read/understand the papers and demos more quickly & easily.]

Business model

Technology Licensing and Technology Transfer Support

Compsim is looking to partner with or be acquried by an organization that can take KEEL Technology to the world and deploy it in the broad market areas where it can be of most benefit. This organization will aggressively create a significant competitive advantage for itself using KEEL Technology.

  • Smarter Tactics and Strategies
    • through "Executable Models"
  • Smarter Devices and Systems
    • that can "Think and Act on their own"
  • Explainable / Auditable Decisions and Actions
    • so the systems can be fixed and extended as situations evolve
  • Rapid Time to Market
    • to satisfy the "need for speed" in today's dynamic environment
Competitive advantage


  • 90% or more productivity increase when addressing complex problem sets using the KEEL Toolkit and the KEEL "dynamic graphical language"
  • KEEL "Engines" - the cognitive models created with the KEEL Toolkit are platform and architecture independent and suitable for embedded real-time applications.
  • Decisions and Actions are 100% explainable and auditable.
  • Design once and deploy many (Once KEEL models are created with the KEEL Toolkit they can be deployed as C, C++,, C#, Flash ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, Octave(MATLAB), Python, VB (6), VB.NET and others.


  • Devices / Systems that can interpret information better and faster and can react better and faster will win. 
  • Organizations that control those devices / systems will win. 
  • Organizations that can accumulate these devices / systems faster will win.