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Location: 1660 Stanford St, Santa Monica, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Napkin (idea)
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Comply Socially

Manage Risk, Scale Engagement
Santa Monica, California, United States United States

Ever increasing government regulations dictating the use of social media in business will make social media compliance training the next sexual harassment training. Comply Socially provides e-learning courseware so organizations can manage the risk of social media while scaling the engagement that increases sales and profitability.

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Company description

Comply Socially helps employers manage the risks and capitalize on the opportunities associated with social media in the workplace through expert-led, live and cloud-based social media training courseware.

Comply Socially’s continuously updated courseware gives employees the critical information they need to use social media responsibly and effectively in the work place. Given the ubiquity of social media in and out of the workplace as well as how digital leaders to outperform their competitors in every sector, it is now incumbent upon management to provide employees with the boundaries and procedures for safe, responsible social media usage.

Comply Socially’s courseware gives employers an off-the-shelf solution with the insight and clarity employees need to make smart decisions autonomously in a world where the boundaries between personal and professional have become ambiguous.

Recent regulatory trends even suggest that training in social media could become a requirement, the way sexual harassment training is today. Rulings by the NLRB have overturned employee firings over social media usage and declared the social media policies of several large companies unlawful. But unlike sexual harassment training, which is purely a risk mitigation issue, social media training not only limits risk but increases productivity and creates value for the organization.

We live in a world where everyone uses social media for non-business use. Increasingly, employees are leveraging the value of social media in the workplace to stay current on industry trends, collaborate with coworkers and even qualify vendors.

The fact is consumers now have access to better communication technology than most organizations provide. Employees are often hamstrung by obsolete, arcane workplace communications technologies that manage risk at the expense of stunting work place productivity. When official corporate channels fail, employees turn to social media to achieve goals and meet deadlines. Social media lets them work more productively because it’s easier to tap experts, vet ideas, build consensus and assess potential suppliers.

When used responsibly, social media is a way to do more with less. Still, it’s public nature poses risks that left unchecked can reap havoc for organizations. SMCT gives an employers an always up to date portfolio of online, self-paced and live trainings for managing risk and accelerating digital literacy simultaneously.

  • Bob Cooney
    Bob Cooney | Founder
    20+ year veteran on my 4th startup. Inc. 500 CEO. Successful IPO. Birthing of Giants Grad. VR pioneer. Deep knowledge of digital media, online, social, entertainment and amusement technology.
  • Eric Schwartzman
    Eric Schwartzman | Team member
Business model

With governmental agencies piling on the regulations dictating what companies can and cannot do regarding social media, organizations must carefully construct lawful social media policies and must continually train employees to comply with those policies. And limiting access to social media is not a sustainable policy with the proliferation of smartphones and BYOD.

Research shows that digital leaders outperform their competitors in every sector, so it is now incumbent upon management to provide employees with the boundaries and procedures for safe, responsible social media usage.

Social media compliance training is likely to become the next sexual harassment training, except with the benefit of enterprise wide engagement yielding higher profits and business valuations. Enterprise licensing of self-paced online e-learning courseware for the entire organization. Per seat licenses as low as $5 per employee.

Competitive advantage

Eric's definitive thought leadership position makes Comply Socially the defacto expert in the field of corporate social media training. With 17-years of supplemental resources and relationships at our disposal, Comply Socially has a huge head start on creating the deepest and broadest library of sector-based, role-based and platform- based social media literacy and compliance training courseware available anywhere.