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Commuto is an online service that allows people to trade with another group of people, whether that's in a school, college, work place or any other community, without ever having to wait for shipping or incur any costs.

As a member you can create a profile, post all the items you are looking to trade and add any items you are interested in and Commuto will automatically match your wants to other people's needs. Commuto is the most powerful, user friendly online trading community out there and it's completely free.

You can also create your own community and invite all your friends to join. Trading movies, games, books or any other items you may have has never been easier. Once you and the other members have agreed on a trade, you arrange a time and spot to meet in your community where the exchange will take place, be it on your lunch break or in between classes:it's up to you.

Commuto makes the lives of students and everyone else easier, cheaper and more social. Sign up today and begin trading your stuff with people in your community for free.

How to use Commuto?
1. Sign up and create a profile.
2. Choose a school or college, create your own private community or join an existing community.
3. Fill your "My Items" list with items you would like to trade.
4. Add to your "Wish List" items you want by either searching for the items by name or searching other members in your community and adding their items.
5. Wait for Commuto to automatically find matches for your trades or other members to propose trades to you.

Commuto is a new site and in order to grow we need your help. Please invite all your friends onto Commuto in order to help us grow the network. The more members we have the greater the trade possibilities will be.