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Community Connect Inc. The Internet's First Multicultural Social-Networking Site CelebratesIts 10-Year Anniversary

Community Connect, Inc. (CCI), the leading online niche social-networking company, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this summer. Founded by Benjamin Sun, Calvin Wong, Peter Chen and Michael Montero, it is now the 5th largest US social networking property/publisher, measured in page views (Comscore Media Metrix June 2007).

As one the very first niche social-networking communities to develop on the Internet, the founders of Community Connect realized before anyone else the potential strength of bringing like minded groups and ethnic/affinity communities together for both users and advertisers. They leveraged their propriety technology platform to launch sites for a number of niche communities including American community), (Latino community), (Asian community), (GLBT community) and community).

Soon after the launch of its first site,, CCI realized it had tapped into something powerful: a passionate and active online audience ‒ a fact proven when the site crashed from traffic overload in the first few weeks. Once CCI perfected its site structure, the company quickly replicated the model by launching additional sites for other ethnic demographics: and

It became increasingly clear that the next big thing to hit the web was social-networking, and this largely untapped group of niche communities was growing both offline and subsequently online. CCI discovered these groups were eager to use the Web as a means of communication and content consumption, and that advertisers where looking for new ways to target them. CCI has successfully given these communities a voice, a destination, and a platform to create enriching relationships with people across the nation, and a means for advertisers to get their brands not only front and center but to get audiences actively engaging with the brands.

As other social-networking sites have popped up, then faded away in 2001’s bubble bust, CCI remains not only a growing leader in the space, but also a steadfast and profitable competitor that holds firmly to the simple beliefs that helped the company carve out its distinct niche and positioning. Namely, CCI provides advertisers an un-obtrusive platform to engage with key consumers; gives users tools to interact in ways that are most important to them (such as dating services, job services, chat forums etc); and let the users develop their own content defining their online space the way they want to.