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Collegetown Connect
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Company description

Apartment searching website for collegetowns. Feedback-designed apartment searching software, all based on student and landlord inputs and tests. Like redfin except for rentals and for collegetown areas. The software is designed with a heavy focus on student, landlord, and university usability and integration. Developed based on feedback and surveys on 480+ individuals, mostly students of all demographics. 


The survey is here: 


Currently we are developing our software and plan to finish it January 31st, 2010. We'll be testing it at my school (Cornell U) for the coming spring '10 and fall '10 semesters while we continue to grow and bring people on board.


Business model
Generate revenue from landlords paying to list. An optimized pricing structure is TBD, but generally it will be something like having 30 days to list for $30. Multiply this by an average of 3000 listings per university per year for an idea of the revenues generated.
Competitive advantage

The main one is that we're students ourselves.  


We are collaborating with the landlord, student, and university to achieve the optimized user interface for each party. Also, we gain credibility and easier user acceptance through an affiliation with the university. An overwhelming 85% of students and landlords prefer a university-specific apartment searching site.