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ColdLight makes smart software. Our flagship product Neuron™  is a new breed of intelligent software capable of scouring vast volumes of data, making strategic recommendations and actually learning from success and failure. Neuron prescribes specific, tactical recommendations to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. We call this Prescriptive Intelligence.™

For example, a major consumer goods company is suffering from loss of market share due to increased competition and challenging economic conditions. Neuron observes a major shift in consumer purchasing habits in specific areas of the country for its line of health & beauty products during a slumping economic cycle. Fusing together internal product sales and pricing data with external data sources such as demographic information, financial news, competitor data, and market pricing indices,  Neuron automatically recommends optimal locations for pricing discounts/incentives in precise regions of the country to optimize movement of inventory while maximizing profitability.

Neuron’s power extends beyond Consumer Goods into other key target markets, including manufacturing, supply chain/logistics, and life sciences.

World-class companies including Fortune 100 enterprises are experiencing the power of ColdLight’s smart software. Contact us today to find out how you can get ahead of your competition with Neuron’s Prescriptive Intelligence.

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