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Company description

Codyssey is engaged in development of a CryptoMountTM - a modular system for encrypted storage and its management.
The user information will be stored encrypted on a remote server, and will appear on the user's desktop as a regular drive.
The USB drive (on-the-shelf pen drive with pre-installed software or specific drive with customized middleware developed by Codyssey) will serve as an authentication token and an enabler for such operation (application carrier), while the centralized management tool will manage these portable drives and secure all possible threats to the SMB or corporate network and data.


Thus, the product includes three main modules:

  • The CryptoMountTM application that mounts an online storage as a local drive, while cryptographic subsystem ensures that every bit of information will be encrypted / decrypted locally (on a workstation) by the means of the CodySafe Smart Drive
  • The CodySafe Smart Drive - a USB hand-held memory device that will serve as an authentication token, a carrier and launcher for client (daemon) application, tools and cryptographic keys system and storage.
  • The Centralized Management Tool for management of devices, their behavior and permissions, backup and restore, revocation and end-point security in the corporate environment.

Business model

By distribution of our free software solution as wide as possible, Codyssey is going to gain market recognition and to prepair the basis for easier integration of CryptoMount.

the CodySafe software tool that is already distributed through various online resources. It was reviewed by Lifehacker, PC World, DownloadSquad and other popular online computer-oriented web magazines. Today our website has an average of 2500 visitors daily. The CodySafe was downloaded over 1 mln times. Several computer magazines (CHIP, PC Magazine in Italy and Germany, Canal Jeux Vidéo, Telefonica, etc) add our software to their CD/DVD. We are also discussing the opportunity to provide the CodySafe to manufacturers and vendors of USB memory drives.

The target mrket is an SMB (Small and Medium Business), a wide niche that is not covered by security solutions providers. From one side the SMB client is too small to afford costly corporate solution offered by security giants, from the other side the demand for secure data storage, operation and backup is high and no on-the-shelf consumer solutions can satisfy needs of the SMB.

The CryptoMount solution will be offered as a SaaS on the regular fee basis, as an on-the-shelf product or as a customized solution.

Competitive advantage

1. Security

It is a matter of fact that none of competitors offer a Secure Network Drives over Untrusted Internet Data Storage. Some of them encrypt data on the server side, while cryptographic keys are managed by provider. This approach suggests a big concern to any user. It compromises the "Zero Knowledge" idea, since there always is a way to access the client information.

Our solution suggests automatic encryption of ALL information on the workstation, and sending/receiving it over open HTTP, FTP, WebDAV or other unsecured protocol to the internet untrusted storage.

2. Convenience

Transparent and easy operation of encrypted data, management of access and permissions made easy

3. Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownreship)

Most of SMB clients cannot afford security measures suggested by RSA, McAfee, CheckPoint and other "giants". Our solution will suit the needs of SMB and corporate client.