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Cobratis is the leading company in debt collection, invoices and collection management for companies, professionals, owners, and neighboring communities. With coverage throughout Spain, collecting with Cobratis is a simple task through our effective and agile low-cost online debt collection platform.


Cobratis is an effective collection management solution designed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the debt recovery sector. It is an expert company in the collection of friendly/pre-judicial and judicial defaults through a payment order process with a deep base of civil and commercial law.


The automation of this collection management by Cobratis, has allowed lowering the processing costs for those companies and professionals defenseless who need to collect their invoices, access justice and recover what is theirs at a minimum cost.


This innovative platform is available 24 hours a day, allowing the client to enter debt-related information into our system in less than five minutes. Once the process of registering in the system ends, Cobratis activates all the necessary mechanisms to proceed with the collection of the debt or invoice, both in a friendly and judicial way. You, as a client and creditor, will be constantly informed in real-time of the evolution of debt collection via email or telephone.


No matter the size of your portfolio of outstanding debts, at Cobratis, we are prepared to manage efficiently, from 1 debt to hundreds or thousands of them.