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Atlanta, Georgia, United States United States
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CoActLive! creates solutions to empower people to organize and share information freely within a company by leveraging open source technologies. Our open source platform allows us to build custom situational applications or MicroApps quickly and easily to meet the specific needs of any business situation. Applications such as the Fax to PDF feature that come native in all CoActLive! deployments. It is easy to setup and use and quick to configure for businesses of all types.

Founded in 2006 the company was formed to create online business solutions for vertical markets. CoActLive! empowers people to form ad hoc teams and build dynamic relationships, as part of completing their day-to-day projects. It creates a wikipedia-type intranet to store and organize all company information, contacts, projects and documents.

The company is based in Atlanta Georgia and currently is actively seeking strategic partnerships to accelerate the growth of the CoActLive! solution in vertical markets such as Healthcare, Education, Government, Hospitality, Legal, Real Estate and Architectural Firms.