MTV of live music video
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A vast demographic would prefer live, professionaly mixed music entertainment verses set playlists found on Spotify or Pandora, which saw over a billion in revenue last year. But existing live video streamers leave the technically complex video production to venues, and venues/artist have no way to make money at it. Meaning, the best sources of live music content have no reason to be in this market.

We built new applications of live stream technology to remove the technical and economic hurdles to streaming live from top nightclubs. Every aspect of the TV-quality live stream is automated, and we make both venues and artists money--across devices--while keeping HD content free for viewers. 

Just like in telecom or cable, we invest in the fixed multi-camera broadcast hardware, venues stream for free, and we monetize with new silent video ad technology. Set to debut ClubVision in SF's top nightclub, Vessel--a venue that regularly books top 50 DJs.

Customers & partners signed. Free apps in the marketplace. Our systems architect is 53, the CTO of a nextgen firewall appliance, builds video apps for the military, and codes to techno.