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Company description

Cloudwear develops mobile & blockchain technologies for ultra-secure, frictionless cybersecurity.

Business model

The company employs a business model already proven in the security space with multiple sources of revenue.

Cloudwear will earn revenue on its superior security technology by:

  1. Charging users a subscription fee
  2. Charging enterprises a licensing fee
  3. Launching freemium offerings through partners
Competitive advantage
  • Leader in a hot field (cloud security) with top investors and advisors in the security and healthcare spaces.
  • Unique and patented security algorithms. Cloudwear uses a proprietary combination of trusted hardware and software as well as rigorous internal controls to maintain the highest standards of security.
  • Innovative security integrations with mobile devices secure access to cloud-based health data.
  • Multiple marketing opportunties with enterprise partners who have large, established distribution and sales channels.
  • Team of six people consisting of leading engineers and data scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and USC, a cryptography pioneer with Department of Defense experience, and highly relevant investors with critical industry connections. Team members have prior experience building and selling large scale, secure cloud systems with millions of customers.