Cloudmach Inc.

Cloudmach Inc.
3D World in a browser
Mountain View, California, United States United States
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Company description

Cloudmach delivers 3D graphics and gaming experience of modern console games to users of online social and casual games.

Cloudmach requires no downloads and no installations. It worksinstantly in the browser, unlike products from Second Life and Imvu.Among other things, this differentiator allows Cloudmach to naturallyintegrate into Facebook and other social networks. Cloudmach offersimmersive 3D graphics that provide a much more realistic environmentthan 2D competitors like Yoville and Pets Society.



Business model

Virtual goods
Cloudmach will offer virtual goods including various gifts, different avatar models, avatar clothes, interior objects, furniture, and world scenes. Users will have the ability to purchase these items for virtual currency which will be awarded for social actions such as inviting friends to Cloudmach or will be
purchasable directly for real money.

Product Placement
Cloudmach will offer product placement opportunities for businesses interested in promoting their brands in virtual worlds.

For example, a clothing company will be able provide clothes for avatars.
Similarly, an auto manufacturer will be able to advertise its cars as gifts that players can present to each other.


Competitive advantage
1. Unique technology: Interactive 3D world rendered in a cloud with no plugins required in a web browser.
2. Accessibility from any Web-enabled device (netbook, mobile phone, console). No need for a highend graphics card on client.
3. Native social networks integration that is only available to the Web application.
4. Ad-hoc viral interactions through Facebook newsfeed and web links.
5. Support for existing 3D content formats (IMVU, Second Life and Google Warehouse).