Closely, Inc.

Closely, Inc.
Live Local Marketing for Small Businesses
Denver, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description

Live Social Marketing, built ground up on real-time media, simplified into one dashboard and mobile remote control.

Social and real-time media combine to form powerful new ways to ignite and capture local consumer action.  But small businesses will not create and manage multiple points of presence across LBS, social, and mobile search.

We consolidate and simplify, maintaining the distinct viewpoint of the small business owner and their agents. We focus on practical innovations that fill the gap between cautious small businesses and mobile-ready consumers and customers.

The business can create and manage multiple types of live promotions, we automate publishing, tracking/analysis, transactions and redemption across Social Channels (Twitter, Facebook), Search (Google Place Pages), Website (Live Offer Widget), Deal Media Channels (DealMap, etc.), LBS/Check-in, Custom Publisher Channels (Live Search Tags, Live Display Ads) and Customer Social Network (  Publishing can be instantly initiated and changed via a simple Mobile Remote Control.

Awards and Mentions
  • 5916_65
    Social-Loco is a conference featuring innovators focusing on the convergence of the social web, mobile and local-business.
  • Business model

    Transactional Commerce. We maintain beta direct SMB relationships, while building out agency and local media distribution partnerships, who layer their share of commerce or agency moels atop our share.

    Competitive advantage

    Deep knowledge of team on a range of real-time platform, local media and small business marketing applications.  Co-founding team from MapQuest, Jabber, Local Matters and Newsgator. 

    Strong reputation with channel partners who will bet on us early, based on success track record and domain knowledge.