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Cloodees™ is proud to announce the launch of their new social media app product line.

Cloodees™ has created a robust, integrated app line that was designed to make life simpler by having you organize your own private social network to accomplish goals, events, and wishes in your life. 

CloodVote™ is the first and only smartphone application that allows you to organize polls and vote in real-time over the internet, and it’s absolutely free.  It lets you make decisions, gather opinions, and keep from passing many texts, calls and emails to come to a group decision faster!

CloodWish™ lets friends and family share what they truly wish for to include: wedding registries, baby registries, housewarming registries, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines, and basically any gift giving occasion.

There will be more apps added to this social line in the coming month.  Stay tuned at

Go to your app store today!  Download our free apps!  Look for Cloodees to help make your life more simple!