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Tujunga, California, United States United States
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Company description

ClimateMinder Inc. develops complete wireless-sensor-network solutions for smart agriculture and food industry applications.  ClimateMinder incorporates emerging mobile and wireless technologies to help save growers from crop failure and conserve valuable water.


ClimateMinder brings mature machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless communications to the broad agriculture industry.  With cutting edge technology the company helps growers optimize growth patterns, increase their productivity and product quality, shorten time-to-market, save water, reduce cost for nutrients and pest control, and lower operating costs. 

Their unique system allows users to set up data collection, query measurements, set alert and control conditions; and/or send control commands to turn climate systems on or off while on the go.  Developed with mobile access in mind, ClimateMinder transfers data collected in the greenhouse or farm is through the GSM network to a reliable and highly available central server.


The ClimateMinder concept was founded in the United States under the name Kodalfa in 2005.  Turkey’s developing economy marks the third largest vegetable producer in the world, and the Kodalfa wireless application was a striking success for hundreds of businesses in the greenhouse-tomato-growing sector.  Kodalfa returned to the U.S. market and incorporated as ClimateMinder in 2009. The new company is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Business model

ClimateMinder is a product as a service. End users can subscribe to service and rent the equipment for the lifetime of their service rather than making large initial investments.

End users are charged monthly fees based on the size of their operations and the number of sensor nodes they deploy.  ClimateMinder works with channel to sell its product. Resellers have extensive experience in the industry and good
business relationship with the potential customers.

Over the next 3 months, ClimateMinder will have a reference customer base to prove the usability and the benefits of the product. In parallel, they'll work with the channel to visit and sell to the prospective customers. As a part of the sales activities, they will offer try and buy opportunities to a limited number of potential customers.

Competitive advantage

  • User friendly software (GrowMobile on cell phones, as the main web application)

With ClimateMinder a farmer need not compromise their lifestyle; with SMS alert messaging and remote actions farmers can be as mobile as their day demands while still monitoring their operations.  ClimateMinder also helps the mobile industry by increasing GSM penetration of mobile handsets data-internet into the rural population.

  • Service model (more affordable, remote monitoring, control and health check)
It’s an affordable solution for the farming underdog that lacks the funding for a large-scale system but faces the same perils of growing.  ClimateMinder aides with more yield, better produce, lower resource cost, support for conservation efforts, and better sustainability. 
  • Ease of installation and maintenance 

ClimateMinder requires a simple set up without any changes except installing simple sensors connected to a highly available central server. This puts an end to their costs of installing wiring in their greenhouses or farm fields through a wireless communications system.

  • Remote control capability (manual & automatic) 
Users can set up data collection, query measurements, set alert and control conditions; and/or send control commands to turn climate systems on or off while on the go.  Ultimately it provides growers early warning against frost and disease risks while they are off-site.