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Company description

The cliexa platform enables patients and physicians to track disease activity metrics specified for a given patient population. cliexa supports the life cycle of care from intake, through patient screening, proprietary risk modeling, remote monitoring and compliance. The system allows patients to connect to wearable data, as well as, claims data to correlate and communicate events and daily activities to their physician. This data assists providers by responding more efficiently to changes in baseline metrics, so their patients will have a more targeted and timely treatment, potentially resulting in fewer complications.


Awards and Mentions
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    "On October 19th, six startups will pitch their solutions to improve the healthcare industry for a chance to pilot their products with Colorado’s leading healthcare systems, payors, and provider networks."
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    cliexa ranked top 19 RA Applications: "The aim of our study was to assess the features and quality of apps to assist people to monitor their RA disease activity by (1) summarizing the available apps, particularly the instruments used for measurement of RA disease activity; (2) comparing the app features with American College of Rheumatology and European League against Rheumatism (ACR and EULAR) guidelines for monitoring of RA disease activity; and (3) rating app quality with the Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS)."
  • Business model

    We function as a B2B2C business. Our target market primarily consists of clinics and healthcare systems, while partnering and exposing ourselves to physician groups, national colleges, and EMR marketplaces. Customer relations are established and tracked in a customer relation management software. Within this CRM, KPIs are tracked for sales employees on lead progress. Our fully developed website is a source of product demos and lead generation, which is integrated within the CRM.

    Our sales strategy has been to partner with larger institutions to generate pilots and credibility in the large healthcare market. This has proven to generate traction and has enabled a shift in strategy to focus on expanding to target clinics. We are integrated with EMR systems including athenahealth, Epic, Greenway Health, and Centricity. Clinics with these systems are quick to implement with and offer ideal target customers to market towards. Customer referrals have served an additional lead generation source.

    Competitive advantage

    Our top three competitors are Optum, Livongo, and Phreesia. What differentiates us from our competitors is the modular framework of the platform addressing a wide range of disease states. For each of these conditions, we provide a library of customizable, clinically validated add-on assessments. These enable patient-reported outcomes to be filled out remotely and their disease activity scores sent directly to their provider for review. Instead of competing with EMR systems, cliexa offers add-ons for disease specific areas for healthcare management. The patient reported data enters the EMR system and is automatically assigned codes for payor compliance, resulting in a more efficient clinical workflow.

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