Location: 7 West 22nd Street, 7th Floor, New York City, New York, United States United States
Founded in: 2006
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 50+
Funding history:
- Date: 11/2010, Series C: $12 M
Investors: American Express, Union Square Ventures, Founders Fund, FirstMark Capital
- Date: 07/2008, Series B: $10 M
Investors: Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures
- Date: 07/2007, Series A: $3 M
Investors: Monster Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Schoffstall Ventures, Union Square Ventures
- Date: 07/2007, Series A: $3 M
Investors: Monster Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Schoffstall Ventures, Union Square Ventures
- Date: 01/2006, Seed: undisclosed amount
Investors: Roger Ehrenberg
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The Online Solution that Makes Search Advertising Simple, Instant & Profitable
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Clickable is an online solution that makes search advertising Simple, Instant and Profitable. Clickable’s immediate activation and intuitive user experience make it easy for marketers to manage performance across all major ad networks, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Clickable’s powerful recommendations and reporting make marketers more efficient, effective, and confident – even at the very first login. Clickable’s ActEngine actually learns marketers’ preferences and enforces best practices to maximize return. Clickable always listens and constantly improves. That’s why customers often say: “Clickable is like having a trusted advisor always by your side ensuring success.”

For advertising agencies, Clickable drives profitability by growing margins, staff efficiency, and capacity to serve more clients. Predictable, performance-based technology costs enable agencies to capture new market share from smaller clients, historically unprofitable under traditional agency cost structures. With easy white-label reporting, agencies can groom smaller clients into full-service accounts. Finally, Clickable rapidly enables and educates agency staff with embedded contextual help, multimedia training, and community.

For ad networks, Clickable offers growing access and scale to thousands of advertisers and agencies, while providing parity with all major ad networks. Simply “Clickable enable” your ad network to grow customer loyalty and market share by integrating with the one platform where advertisers manage all premium networks.

Business model

The Market Opportunity Clickable Addresses: The past decade introduced revolutionary innovation in online advertising, but the paradox is the immense complexity that came with it - especially in search. Complexity manifests in to too many unique interfaces, overwhelming analytics, and inconsistent performance tracking systems - all contributing to counterproductive friction. These challenges are daunting for small and midsize marketers, who tend to be busy, multifaceted business people. This SMB segment spends less than $50,000/month on search advertising and comprises half of all search-ad spend. 

Many advertisers would like to outsource to an agency, but shrinking agency margins are making smaller advertisers unprofitable to serve, and raising the required minimum spend. Moreover, the existing tools out there are designed for larger enterprises and require expensive and timely configuration. In fact, only 27% of search advertisers use outside SEM agencies, according to Marketing Sherpa, while only 26% use paid-search technology, according to Jupiter Research. The answer to this market opportunity lies in a new wave of Web services, and that's where Clickable comes in.

Competitive advantage

There are companies who have introduced successful search-ad management systems at the high-end enterprise side of the market. However, Clickable is unique in bringing a simple, consolidated experience with recommendations to the small-and-midsize business sector. Importantly, Clickable is "login and go" - new customers can expect to be up and running in minutes. No heavy configuration. No special training. Just simplicity, "instant on" and greater profitability the minute you sign in.