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Advanced CleverControl system is a non-complicated but very efficient software that lets you know what your employees do at all times. Absolutely any activity (and inactivity) will be recorded starting with simple apps activity, USB and printer usage and ending with Internet access and web-surfing. Every time your staff member goes to a social network or chat, every search enquiry, every website visited, every key pressed - you will know about it.  

Each recorded action of an employee can be seen later in your account or viewed live in real time in the Live Panel. All data is presented in comprehensible analytics module. In addition to all that the program can surveil PCs surroundings using built-in microphone and web-camera.     

The best feature of the program is the convenience of the cloud-based platform. CleverControl Agent installed on any PC will transfer data from your staff computer in a remote and completely secured online account which can be accessed through literally any web-browser from any device. Basically you will be able to see all of your employees’ work done and in progress simultaneously on one screen no matter where you are: sitting in the same office or miles away. And no IT department required. All you need is internet connection and you will be able to significantly boost your business efficiency without any effort.