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Company description

Onevoice is a ground-breaking encouragement and knowledge software platform designed to build supercharged rare disease communities. 

Our platform addresses 2 emerging trends in the healthcare sector: patient-centricty and collaboration and is targeted at the fast growing rare disease market. onevoice, adresses 3 major unmet needs: 1) emotional support for those who need it most; 2) knowledge for the rare disease communtiy members who desperately crave any information they can get about their rare disease; and 3) demystifies the world of clinical trials where so many rare patients end up. onevoice is a multi-stakeholder platform encouraging collaboration among all stakeholders - including patients, caregivers, advocates, physicians, healthcare professionals and industry partners such as advocacy groups, professional societies, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and private companies - to improve disease awareness and understanding and accelerate clinical research.

As we build our rare communities, we capture data. We capture the data that is so often lacking in rare diseases: longitudnal patient experience data. We offer our sponsors an opportnity to understand that rare patient journey from the patient and caregiver perspective. We offer a number of options to capture data and learn more about the communitiy, and the disease. And now, the FDA wants that experiential data as part of NDA submissions.

Learn more at www.onevoice.world.



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  • Business model

    We have 3 opportunities for revenue generation from our onevoice software platform: 1) annual sponsorship - typically a pharma co partnering with an advocacy group, 2) services eg community building services and 3) data services. We also are developing a medical communications group to provide scientifically driven communication solutions to companies in the rare disease space which we plan to launch in 2017.

    Competitive advantage

    First to market with a comprehensive solution to build guided communities in rare disease.

    Robust onevoice solution offers more depth and addresses more needs than other "competitors" in our space.

    Founding partners who have successfully created and exited previous companies.

    Forward looking development plan with robust features not yet intruduced that will increase the value of the platform.

    Dan Donovan
    There has to be a better way. That thinking inspired Dan to create onevoice, a software solution providing "guided communities" in rare diseases that encourage collaboration, accelerate disease understanding and advance clinical trial research.
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