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The Human Asset...more than people, more than jobs.
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Clarity is a boutique, 100% women-owned and operated search firm that specializes in placing temporary and direct-hire support staff, however we're more than an employment agency... more than a headhunter... more than a resume shop. Whether searching for a job, or searching for the right talent to fill a position, Clarity develops deep relationships with both job seekers and hiring managers to turn a job into a career and an employee into a an asset- a Human Asset.


As the pace of technological change continues to accelerate and change the way we all conduct business, companies large and small are presented with unique challenges and opportunities that forever change the way we operate. The evolution of talent management, the emergence of Twitter, the power of viral video and trend toward the "commoditization" of the staffing industry, are prime examples of the myriad phenomena that are changing the way we work and live.


But one thing remains the same: people. People are the force behind this change. People are the ones directly affected by this change. And people are the ones who are empowered by this change. Clarity has never lost sight of the fact that it is the people that matter. And although we are able to locate, evaluate, educate and communicate with people in ways that were unthinkable just a few short years ago, it is the talent of individuals that are the heart and soul of every organization.


Clarity leverages the inherent strengths of traditional and innovative methods to develop and grow lasting partnerships with both clients and candidates. In turn, these partnerships allow us to connect the right people with the right positions, delivering exceptional value to our clients and offering fulfilling professional experiences to our candidates.

Competitive advantage

Quality of candidates, cost savings, efficiency and excellent client service make up the backbone of how we successfully stand out from our competitors. Our ultimate goal is to become the strategic staffing partner for our clients' temporary and permanent needs and we work hard to prove ourselves.


Our competitive advantage starts internally with our staff, which is why Clarity is truly unique. We recruit raw talent to join our well-rounded, smart and personable team. Each Account Manager/Recruiter is trained through a tailored orientation program; and we work in a flat structure hierarchy to encourage a fast learning curve, team cohesion and efficient internal communication.


Externally, we pride ourselves on taking the time to develop relationships with our business partners. Providing superior client service is what we do best! Our partnerships speak to our honest and well-rounded approach, and often look to us as the expert in industry trends. We have stellar references from long-term relationships and we constantly want to find ways to save their time and money.


In particular, we offer a program for our loyal clients because we want to reward their business. This is called the Clarity Volume Discount. Each program is specifically designed to compensate the company's combined temporary and permanent hiring costs that we staff on a quarterly basis. We track the amount that is spent on recruitment and we then rebate a portion of the total, once the trigger points are reached.


In addition, we internally assess our accuracy with the searches that we work on through a series of efficiency reports and analysis. These "score cards" record our rates of submittal, interviews, placements and fall-offs broken down by the hiring department and manager. All of our clients have access to this information in efforts to help evaluate the status of our competence. We want to know their feedback because it helps us better serve them.


Through effective, personal communication to gauge the nuances of each client's corporate culture and understanding their individualized hiring needs, we successfully reduce the turnaround time and placement of a search. Overall, our competitive advantage is rooted in our ultimate goal to service our clients to the best of our ability to make their jobs easier.