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Company description

Claremont Creek Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage information technology companies. Our investment professionals are experienced managers and proven venture investors. Our team shares a deep commitment to helping entrepreneurs build successful companies from the ground up. We focus on IT sectors where we have deep domain expertise, including – but not limited to – energy efficiency, IT healthcare, sensor based systems and security markets.

Claremont Creek Ventures is based in the East Bay. It is the premier funding source for early stage technology opportunities in the local area. We strive to reach a wider population of entrepreneurs – from Silicon Valley to the East Bay Area and beyond. Our East Bay location allows us to work closely alongside a strong entrepreneurial community and excellent research-driven "incubating institutions", such as UC Berkeley, UC Davis and the Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley Laboratories.

Previous investments
Adura Technologies provides wireless lighting management solutions that can be scaled for anything from small offices to large campuses. Adura enables building owners to realize significant energy efficiency benefits and to flexibly reconfigure lighting as building use and occupancy changes demand.
Arcxis Biotechnologies is developing, producing and distributing state-of-the-art portable biological real-time diagnostic tools with the ability to analyze, detect, and characterize infectious disease agents in a highly multiplexed and flexible format.
Billeo offers virtual consolidation of bills for consumers through its unique browser toolbar solution. By providing direct access to biller Web sites, Billeo enables consumers to view and pay online bills directly.
Fluxion Biosciences has developed the revolutionary CellFlux microfluidics technology for conducting critical research and drug discovery at the cellular level. The CellFlux platform delivers a robust, high-performance, economical solution for single-cell analysis.
Gene Security Network has developed a proprietary technology that enables highly accurate testing for multiple genetic diseases from a single cell. This technology is being clinically tested and commercialized for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) during in-vitro fertilization (IVF).
Lefora (f.k.a. Meetro) provides an online forum service that enables anyone to easily create elegant, searchable, media rich online disucussion forums.
PropertyBridge is a leading provider of electronic payment processing services for the real estate management industry, offering an integrated, flexible infrastructure that makes it easy for property managers to build secure, friendly online payment solutions. PropertyBridge, CCV's first investment, has been acquired by MoneyGram.
Roc2Loc creates wireless mobile security systems that are easy to install and use and highly portable. The security system reports events via phone, SMS or email.
Sentilla has a platform that provides demand-side energy management solutions for data centers, commercial and industrial facilities. Sentilla’s solution is in use in a wide array of applications -- from agriculture, to safety and security, to transportation and logistics.
ShotSpotter develops gunshot and weapons-fire location systems and technologies which it sells in the law enforcement, homeland security, and military markets. The company's flagship law enforcement product reports the precise location of gunfire to police within seconds, thus producing countless arrests and numerous saved lives.
SmartZip provides a rating engine designed for residential real estate investors combing property information, lifestyle data, rental trends, taxes and demographic data to assign each property a “SmartScore”.
TargetCast Networks operates an alternative advertising network for "out-of-home video" (i.e., TV screens in public places).
Tibion is a medical device company in the orthopedic space developing active orthotic devices to improve the quality of life for the mobility impaired – those with loss of muscle function due to disease, injury, aging, or surgery.
WiredBenefits is developing an online benefits platform delivered through employers/channels to provide a prepaid healthcare cards for employees that are restricted to medical expenses.