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Over the last 60 years, Harbin Electric Corporation (HE) created many 'firsts' for New China, such as the first 0.8 MW hydropower unit and the first set of 25 MW thermal power units. It successfully created the Three Gorges 700 MW giant hydropower unit, establishing a strong pattern founded on leading products such as coal power, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, pneumo electric power, wind power and general contract work in power stations. Its annual hydropower output capacity reaches 6,000 MW, accounting for 50% of China's market shares; its annual production capacity of coal power is 30,000 MW, representing more than 1/3 of China's market shares; its annual production capacity of pneumo electric power is 2,000 MW, accounting for more than 45% of China's market shares; and its annual production capacity of nuclear power is 1,000 MW. For these reasons, HE consistently makes the list of the Top 500 Companies in China. In recent years, HE has greatly implemented its development strategy of being 'collectivized, informationized, internationalized, and relatively diversified' and 'advanced in technology, management and talent'. Additionally, HE spared no effort to set up four business areas: 'power generation equipment, drive and control equipment, general and environmentally-friendly equipment, and the modern manufacturing and service industry', developing itself into a flagship of power generation equipment manufacture in the Chinese market.