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Company description

CJReport is based in Syracuse, New York and Brussels, Belgium. Its founders Prameya Bhandari and Laurent Van Winckel are both bachelors students at Syracuse University and Brussels University respectively.

Little more into CJReport...
CJReport is a citizen journalism website which is purely democratic.
With governments and authorities around the world checking what information comes to us, and traditional media delivering news that profits them, CJReport is trying to stop this with a democratic news system.
Everyone can create or even edit existing news stories; CJReport is a collaborative effort. It is up to the users to decide what is news worthy enough to be featured on the frontpage; the site uses a voting system.

One of our goals at CJReport is to give people as much information as possible, so they won't have to search all over the internet for other articles about the same story. Every article contains news sources to other news websites, related blog posts (we believe bloggers are the future journalists), tags to categorize the news stories, photos and video coverage.

Readers can also comment on news items, allowing for a discussion to ensue.
CJReport wouldn't be complete without giving people the ability to report news with their mobile phones. Photos and text can be send directly to the site and is published within minutes.

Who’s behind CJReport?
Aside from the community, there’s a hard-working team behind the CJReport site. Founded by Laurent Van Winckel and Prameya Bhandari, launched in August 2007, CJReport has grown to be one of the most popular citizen journalism news sources on the Web. CJReport is run by a student organization at Syracuse University, however the website is open to the world.