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City Advertising
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Company description is the small to medium size business (SMBs) online ad agency.  We have developed a platform representing over 30,000 developed websites targeting the 16 million small to medium size businesses in the country.  These websites are performing exceptionally well in search rankings.  Long tail search is our focus, why pay for PPC when these same businesses can pay to be on one of our naturally top ranked websites.

The SMBs of the world are just getting acquinted with the internet, by showing instead of telling them where they will be on search engines makes all the different in the world.  PPC is too complicated for these businesses to understand and with a quantifiable metric and payment plans on a flat basis, they get it.

We offer an array of services related to online advertising including email marketing, web development, list building, domain acquisition, PPC campaign management, agency services for other marketing channels and a variety of other advertising services related to the SMBs market.

Business model

Through our direct sales team we will approach the 16 million SMBs in the country and solicit advertisers to buy advertising on one of our top ranked websites.  We will target those already spending money on Search and show them the cost benefit and ROI benefit of advertising on an organically ranked website for their target keywords.

-83% of Local consumers looking for local businesses type long tail searches, that means over 4 out of 5 people look for a business by typing “San Francisco Bankruptcy Law” as an example and the same applies regardless of what City, State you are In or what Industry... And you will see:, which has been online for less than 3 months on the first page of every major search engine.

-78% of all purchases start with online research related to the service or product a consumer is looking for

-75% of ALL clicks occur in the “Organic Search Results” and out of those 75% click on one of the top 5 listings.

This is a long tail play, controlling the real estate, not buying PPC, is where the future of search is headed.  Consumers are wisening up, and know that anyone can PAY to be at the top, however those that are below the ads, is where the real value is.  We have scaled the idea and continue to make progress across our network on Targeted Local Consumers...what we call TLC.  What business can't use a little more TLC in their life?

Competitive advantage

Experienced Management Team

Owning/Controlling the Advertising Real Estate

Not having to pay PPC

Proven ROI