Location: Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, The Hague, Netherlands Netherlands
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Short URL:
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Accelerating the shift towards a circular economy, by providing value chains with a secure data exchange tool.
The Hague, Netherlands Netherlands

It is Circularise's goal to overcome the communication barrier that is limiting current and future transition to a circulareconomy. Join us on Telegram:

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Company description

Circularise is a three year old start-up from Den Haag working on improving the communication and transparency in value chains that are critical for a circular economy. The main pain point it solves is enabling all parties across value chains to share data about their products and processes without public disclosure of datasets or supply chain partners, as well as without having to trust a centralised party.

In essence, Circularise enables trusted information exchange between participants in value chains while allowing them to (1) remain anonymous, (2) easily fine-tune and update the amount of disclosed information, (3) determine access rights and (4) validate information in an easy and efficient way.

On top of the protocol we are building industry specific applications, for now in the textile (Circularise Source) and plastics industries. In these two cases we are focusing on the certifications and traceability, but rather than being a verification agency ourselves, we are using existing certificates that are widely accepted across industries.


Business model

Circularise is a business-to-business company which sells the use of its technology as a service. Circularise provides free access to its underlying core protocol, in order to create one global standard and to avoid incompatible competing protocols forming next to each other.  This is comparable with the general email protocol, which every email provider can use by building their own email client on top of the global standard. The protocol includes ICT tools for the certification and tracking of material. Companies pay a fee for the use of Circularise’s technology. On top of the protocol, we are building industry specific applications, such as the one for the textile sector.

Revenue Model

The here described Circularise revenue model has been developed based on the sector specific payment norms. It consists of multiple parts found below:

  • The minimum expenditure of EUR X a month
  • The onboarding fee of EUR X
  • Pay per kilo EUR X/Kg
Competitive advantage

The anonymity and possibility to use data without publishing its actual content allows stakeholders to cooperate without compromising the data that determines their competitive advantage, e.g. their supplier selection, material composition or cost distribution. Circularise is able to map the entire value chain of a product. This is even possible without making the value chain public and even if none of the stakeholders involved knows more than their direct suppliers.

Advantages of Circularise in comparison to its competitors

  1. The biggest issue with the majority of blockchain based solutions is scalability. Our solution, however, is blockchain agnostic by design and therefore easily scalable depending on the choice of blockchain.
  2. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Circularise is using a public blockchain. It means that anyone can join the network and build their own solutions on top of our protocol. In addition, public blockchains are decentralised, no one has control over the network, and they are secure in that the data can’t be changed once validated on the blockchain.
  3. In addition, our combination of the for-profit system and our open source standard can ensure that our potential competitors would still build on our system. The big brands and manufacturers are not willing to use multiple systems for the same goal, as can be seen with the current centralization of GRS in the fashion supply chain.