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Company description provides essential online community and communications management software for churches, ministries and Christian cause related organizations and its members, donors, volunteers and staff.  Our online platform has become home to 1000+ organizations worldwide. 

CircleBuilder is a private, rules-based networking engagement and outreach management Internet service that connects individuals and organizations so they can grow and prosper.  Immediate benefits that can be realized are increase in membership, volunteerism; participation; improve fundraising; organize events; and serve their community via numerous “touch points” (personalized emails, shared calendars, blogs, text messages, online donations, ecommerce, audio/video podcasting and document sharing) The self-build platform operates as a stand-alone website or can integrate into an existing website.  Christian grouprequire innovative online solutions to communicate, connect, support and expand their kingdom.

CircleBuilder is private Facebook, NING, Blogger, Google docs, YouTube all-in-one application under the brand and rules of the church / org to do "real" ministry and connect / serve their mission


Business model

The self-build platform operates as a stand-alone website or can integrate into an existing website.

Our business model provides for diverse and lucrative revenue streams:

·    SaaS offers reliable cash flow with monthly subscriptions ranging from $100 - $500+

·    Multiple-site “free” service is ad supported with family-friendly advertisers.

·    Free users can upgrade via purchase of value-added services.

E-commerce and affiliate revenue
Competitive advantage


By focusing on the faith-based community, CircleBuilder intends to fundamentally redefine online social networking by reaching the “89.2% of Americans having faith-based ties” according to Roper. The IRS reports nearly 500,000 faith-based organizations in the United States with over 4,000 new churches being “planted” each year. Nonprofits like these spend roughly $43B annually on technology and accessories to automate their processes and effectively communicate with their community. Historically, technology vendors in the faith-based market have been largely dependent on ministry and parachurch organizations for distribution of their goods and services.


Churches require innovative online solutions to support and expand their community. Declining church affiliation and participation greatly worries religious leaders. Barna Research found “a 92% increase in the number of unchurched Americans” between 1991 and 2004 with nearly one-third “unchurched.” Gallup has reported dramatically declining church attendance for the past four decades. In 2006 the North American Church Board found that less than 20% of Americans regularly attend church – half of what the pollsters report. CircleBuilder’s innovative, cost-effective, easy-to-use and rules-based platform empowers the Christian community and their church networks to efficiently reverse these troubling downward trends.