Increase Video Engagement & Revenue by leveraging social media platforms
Mountain View, California, United States United States

The videogram presents video as a comic using patented auto-segmention algorithm.

videogram can be embedded on landing sites on web & mobile by publishers, replacing youtube embeds. videogram embed provides consumers an immersive & social user experience replacing the boring youtube embed. Native mobile apps on iOS, Android coming soon.

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Company description

Videogram is a HTML5 Social Video Platform. 

Videogram automatically analyzes any video file and generates a visually engaging summary with different-sized keyframes arranged in a grid reminiscent of a comic book.

Videogram allows consumers to get a quick overview of an entire video's contents without watching the entire video from beginning to end. Viewers can start – and share – the video from their point of greatest interest, thus eliminating the pain points of streaming / buffering a large video on congested mobile networks.

Videogram is compatible with any video server / player and leaves the original video undisturbed (along with any existing copyright or advertising). And the technology is completely embeddable. Videogram can live on publisher / brand web pages, within apps, or on social networks.



  • Sandeep Casi
    Sandeep Casi | Founder
    Founder & CEO Videogram; Virtual Reality at General Motors, Systems Lead at Industrial Light & Magic(Lucasfilm), Research Scientist at Fuji Xerox Palo Alto lab, Digital Cinema at Fujifilm
Business model

Platform Licensing 

Ad Insertion 

SaaS Licening 

Analytics subscription 

Competitive advantage

We are protected by 30 patents in the area of video and photos.  The team has deep video domain expertise has a total of 30 years expereince working on video analysis.