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At chronos we are building tools to help users live more intentionally. To do this, we are optimizing the full-stack for passively-collected personal data. 

Our current offering is a mobile app that passively captures how you spend your time: without needing to open the app, chronos will let you know where you’ve gone, with whom, and break your time into categories. How a person spends their time is the best way to define who they actually are and what they value, and we've created proprietary software that gathers this information while requiring minimal effort on the user's part. We've begun connecting with external data sources (wearables, calendar) to enrich our data as we move towards becoming the unified personal data graph.


Jim Scheinman
Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Bebo ($850M sale), NBCi ($350M), Social Gold ($100M), Friendster, Tango, Check, Banjo. TED Speaker. Founder & CEO of Maven Ventures MicroVC & Growth Labs